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What About Love

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Love Suck

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Lovers Are Lost

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Number One

The war has just ended, and the wrong people won. Now, Ryder Bixby, one of the first people in these new “Hunger Games” has to battle herself, and something she doesn’t know, all for the sake of her life.

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When Im With You

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Liam is popular, smart, athletic and very friendly. When he gets paired with shy, not so popular Harry as lab partners they don’t get along. Harry sees past Liam’s appearance, sees who he really is. But Harry’s not all good, he’s got a secret. And secrets don’t make friends.

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Marauders Map

Talon was never one for drama or tears. She was a mellow girl, and she had her morals. But, like everything in life, that changed. New friends call for a new life.

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